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Our staff is equipped to be your outsource team. As your “Brand Mechanics,” we use the tools of the trade to grow your brand, generate new ideas, create engaging campaigns, contribute savings to your bottom line and help your businesses set priorities and develop new strategies that produce amplified results. In other words, we are your hands-on “money makers.”


With a team of talented, award-winning creative specialists, ICM provides clients with unprecedented creative horsepower.


We will help you create the connection with the customer and their association and loyalty with your brand.


Planning an event takes time, resources and patience. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. This allows you and your team to focus on the more important tasks like selling products and building relationships.


From Corporate to Boutique to Classics, we cover it all. No matter if it’s a national account or a single unit, we create unique, easy-to-execute recipes with operational challenges in mind.


We utilize various resources to identify the strategic building blocks required for successful plan implementation.


We bring profitability to life through the reduction of LBW COGs, increasing LBW Sales and capturing guest return intent by developing and activating the OPS Boss Mechanics program.


We ensure consistency of the broadcast, out-of-home, print or internal messages and the complementary use of the medium.


Whether you need to manage public perception, charitable relationships, plan and promote a major event/product or navigate a crisis, we have the experience and creativity to meet your needs.

“Alex and his team continue to thrill the Membership with their ‘out-of-the-box’ approach. Our new Executive Chef is providing a caliber of cuisine we never thought was possible.” – Clarke  H., Member since 2012


Innovative Club Management works hand-in-hand with Owners and Board Directors to provide support, fresh ideas, systems and tools to reimagine a Club’s brand and image within their community. Our Management services include a complimentary consultation and is backed with our ICM result guarantee.


Pay Off Club Debt | Fund Capital Improvements | No More Member Assessments

We are all-cash investors because we understand the importance of being debt free to ensure long term stability. We invest in your Club with innovative, strategic and operational horsepower to reposition, rebrand, relaunch and reinvigorate members and staff.

ICM’s strategic alliance with Gecko Hospitality ensures you find the perfect candidate while avoiding large financial burdens. Gecko delivers over 20 years of executive recruitment experience within the hospitality industry while being recognized as ‘America’s Best Professional Recruitment Firm in 2018 and 2019’.


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Most management companies receive monthly fees regardless of how the Club performs. They place their fees above everything else. We don’t; we ensure you grow revenue and profits and align ourselves with your goals and success. We partner with Ownership or the Board of Directors to provide support, innovation, and fresh ideas and systems and tools to elevate the operation, brand, and image. If you win, we both win!


Many Clubs suffer from “little fish in a very large pond” syndrome, getting lost in a sea of other Clubs within a larger organization. We believe in providing a boutique approach ensuring you do not get lost among the masses. We pride ourselves in being nimble and able to pivot based on your Club’s specific challenges and opportunities within its market.  Too many Clubs sign long term management agreements only to be lost in the sea of false promises and expectations. We don’t believe in the philosophy “one size fits all” but rather “one size fits one.”

Benefits of partnering with ICM

Conduit between operations and the Board of Directors and/or Ownership: No more awkward meetings or questions with operations. We take care of the expertise with solutions and results.

Complete audit of every department: Detailed evaluation of current systems and processes.

Create and implement Brand Standards to ensure consistent messaging and brand image: How are you separating yourself from the competition?

Provide a clear and concise road map to relaunch, reposition and reinvigorate the entire Club: Are you pivoting with market trends? Are you gaining in market share?

Work hand-in-glove with current operations team: New ideas and energy can be a powerful motivational tool.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Club Management Services
  • Membership Sales and Marketing
  • Club Operations
  • Agronomy
  • Food and Beverage
  • Digital Media Management
  • Member Programming
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Capital Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Expense Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legal


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Our detailed and innovative partnership structure benefits both sides to ensure the long-term success of the Club. We provide financial support with innovative, strategic and operational horsepower to reposition, rebrand, relaunch and reinvigorate members and staff.

Reinvesting in capital projects can be extremely difficult when managing high levels of debt. Our partnership plan breaks the financial handcuffs allowing the Club to flourish.  With a combination of 200+ years of restaurant, hotel, and Private Club management experience, our team of experts ensures the path to success is clear, concise and achievable.

How can you be innovative without having experience in other hospitality segments? Answer, you can’t!  We are truly innovative, forward thinking and pro-active in our approach and execution. We recruit the best possible talent and provide the tools, systems and vision to current Club employees to enhance their own careers and growth.

Benefits of the Partnership Plan with ICM

Unique Partnership StructureTruly One-of-a-kind financial structure which offers Members the opportunity to receive continued Return On Their Investment for the life of their Membership

Retire club’s debt: Immediate freedom from being financially handcuffed to allow Club enhancements

Fund innovative capital projects: Enhance, innovate and elevate the entire member and guest experience with current hospitality trends. Our marketing and development team develops unique and ‘non-traditional’ club renovations and ideas to ensure longevity, increased market share and a truly one-of-kind Club experience.

Hospitality driven service and amenities: We believe hospitality is the cornerstone of every Club’s long-term success. Our team has experience creating and operating some of today’s most successful hotel and restaurant concepts blended with over 75 years of Private and Daily Fee Club management.

Eradicate member assessments: No more member assessments which reduces member attrition and elevates member morale.

Remove operational stress: Start enjoying the Club experience again while ICM lifts the burden of the Club’s daily operational tasks

Continue to advise on the long-term vision: Provide support and communication to ensure a smooth transition

Discreet and confidential: We ensure any communication or partnership is discreet to minimize membership concerns

The best candidates for long term success are personal referrals with an intimate knowledge of skill sets, work ethic and experience. Our strategic alliance with Gecko Hospitality ensures you have pool of talent that we personally recommend. Discretion is the foundation of our recruitment services with the understanding that 95 percent of our candidates are currently employed.

We believe you should not have to pay exorbitant and ridiculous fees to find your perfect candidate. In most cases, our team has personal knowledge of potential candidates ensuring quality and integrity as the foundation.

The ICM and Gecko Hospitality approach is to ensure you find the perfect candidate without placing a large financial burden on the Club. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with your success at the forefront. We take the time and stress out of your hands with our extensive network of candidates. Gecko Hospitality was recognized as ‘America’s Best Professional Recruitment Firm in 2018 and 2019’.

Positions ICM services recruits for
  • General Managers/COOs
  • Clubhouse Managers
  • Food & Beverage Directors
  • Executive Chefs
  • Sous Chefs & Banquet Chefs
  • Tennis Directors
  • Fitness Directors
  • Member Relation Directors
  • Membership Directors
  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • Catering Directors
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Clubhouse Maintenance Directors
  • Private Event Directors
  • Club Controllers
  • PGA Golf Professionals
  • Golf Course Superintendents
Within the ICM Talent Pool

Please complete the brief questionnaire below and ICM will contact to discuss your needs.

Candidates: Submit your resume to info@innovativeclubs.com and an ICM representative will be in contact within 48-hours.




"The ICM team have access to some of the best talent available. Their pool of candidates prevented long gaps in operations with highly talented candidates."
Senior Vice President, Guckenheimer
"Alex and his team provided the necessary support, experience, and candidates that suited our needs. Thank you!"
Regional General Manager, ‎Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group 
“ICM is exactly as their name states... Their innovative approach to staff and Member culture, their focus on putting Members first, and bringing back true hospitality, has turned our Club into the ‘place to be.”
Matt M.
Club Member Since 2016