Innovative Club Management differentiates itself by offering a detailed and innovative partnership structure to ensure long-term success.Innovative Club Management also provides financial support with strategic and operational acumen to effectively position, launch and invigorate members and staff alike.


Innovative Club Management works hand-in-hand with existing operations teams to provide support, fresh ideas as well as systems and tools to reimagine a given club’s brand and image within the community. This approach includes an operational review with a detailed action plan to bridge the gap between vision and execution.


The ICM approach ensures you find the perfect candidate while avoiding large financial burdens. Innovative Club Management’s goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients’ success at the forefront. We take the time and stress out of your hands with our extensive network of candidates backed with an ICM 1-year guarantee policy.



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Innovative Club Management (ICM) is considered the most innovative and forward-thinking leader in private club management. Join the revolution and experience the intersection of innovation and expectation.

ICM breaks from the traditional model of Country Clubs by providing unique experiences and amenities for members both old and new, with services geared specifically to the changing times and current market demands. We believe innovative hospitality is the cornerstone of an industry desperate for new, fresh and forwarding thinking operators who have experience in multiple hospitality fields and disciplines.


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Member Experience

Enhance, innovate and elevate the experience with on-trend programming

Own Your Community

Creating a sense of place and an atmosphere of inclusivity

People Over Process

Human capital is the most valuable commodity

Lifestyle Programming

Programs tailored for clubs and the communities they serve

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Tailored Marketing

Building custom marketing plans based on the specific needs of our clubs


Together we can elevate the Private Club experience

Digitally Focused

Leveraging digital media to engage audiences young and old

Creative Services

In-house services help to reduce costs and streamline execution